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10AdsPay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited
Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions:

Please read and understand the following Terms and Conditions of 10AdsPay carefully prior to purchasing and using any of our products and services:

    1. You agree that you are 18 years of age or above.

    2. All transactions made between 10AdsPay and its members is confidential, details of these transactions will not be shared with third parties.

    3. All information about members of 10AdsPay will not be revealed to third parties, this includes member’s account balances, personal information, financial information about their accounts and all such information which is stored 10AdsPay will be not be revealed to any third parties.


    1. 10AdsPay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited is a company limited by liability and registered in Ireland, it is registered as a company to provide internet marketing, advertising and digital solutions only.

    2. 10AdsPay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited is NOT a Bank, Investment firm and we DO NOT PROVIDE any form of investment or financial services.


    1. Purchases made from 10AdsPay should not be considered as an investment or any kind of deposit.


    1. All members of 10AdsPay are strictly under the money laundering law and other such related international laws, hence it is against the law to carry out or even to attempt to conduct any financial transaction with proceeds which are from any form of illegal activity. Conducting or attempt to conduct such a financial transaction itself qualifies as an unlawful activity as it may include intent to evade taxes and/ or to hide or disguise the type of proceeds and the requirements of reporting.

    2. You have the sole and full responsibility of paying taxes as per the taxation regulation of your country, 10AdsPay and its owners are not liable for it.

    3. 10AdsPay uses various payment processors to receive and make payments to its members, we reserve the right to change payment processors as and when needed in order to either receive or make payments to our members.

    4. 10AdsPay would like to emphasize that you agree and understand that our past performances will not guarantee same results in future.

    5. 10AdsPay will never be held responsible or liable for any losses incurred by its members due to purchases made on, hence do not purchase any product or services which you cannot afford to purchase. Any purchases that you make on is at your own risk.

    6. 10AdsPay will not be held responsible or liable for any kind of losses to your funds internally or externally as a result of password sharing and/ or identity theft.

    7. You fully agree and understand that all the information which come from 10AdsPay is confidential in nature and hence should also be treated as confidential by not disclosing it to any third parties.

    8. 10AdsPay prohibits its members and non-member from copying, distributing, selling, publishing and/ or using any information which is available from us, strict action will be taken against such people.

    9. Promotion of 10AdsPay should only be done using legal methods.

    10. Members should not use false promises to guarantee income to anyone at any point of time, as this will result in the closure of their account permanently.

    11. 10AdsPay is not responsible or liable for any kind of loss to any person or group by any of our members, hence members as well as visitors of 10AdsPay take full responsibility of their own actions and methods used for the promotion of 10AdsPay.


  1. You accept that you are purely acting as an individual and not on behalf of any person, group, entity and/ or authority.

  2. All information and communication from 10AdsPay are purely for the purpose of giving further information only, such information or purchase of services from 10AdsPay should not be used to promote 10AdsPay as an investment company.

  3. 10AdsPay fully reserves the right to permanently or temporarily close the operation and/ or suspend the website or parts of its section as a result of economic, military, political, monetary events and/ or other circumstances which are outside of our control, power and responsibility.

Zero Tolerance and Anti-Spam Policy:
  1. 10Adspay will not tolerate any kind of SPAM and/ or any kind of UBE/UCE.

  2. You fully agree that you will not use the name of our registered company 10Adspay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited and/ or our website in relation to send any form of spam, emails and/ or by any other way.

  3. You fully agree not to post any kind of false and/ or negative votes on public forums and/ or rating websites, you are not permitted to do this without first contacting us. If you are experiencing some technical issues, you should contact us so that our support team will be able to deal with you problem and solve it.

  4. If there is any kind of violation of our Zero Tolerance and Anti-Spam Policy, you will not be able to use your account permanently and all privileges will be revoked.

Earnings Terms and Conditions:

10AdsPay is NOT any of the following:


  • Make quick money



  • An investment program



  • Multi-Level Marketing



  • Matrix Program



  • 10AdsPay is a platform for members who can buy internet traffic to promote their products and services.



  • Members are not allowed to promote any illegal products, services, illegal websites as well pornographic websites and gambling websites. Members are strictly not allowed to promote any activities which are deemed as illegal. Any member who is found to promote the above his account and registration with 10AdsPay will be permanently deleted.



  • There is NO GUARANTEE of share earnings.



  • We offer 7 days REFUND policy on the first purchase upto 5$ you have made through payment processors, 10% processing fee applies, please write an email to within 7 days from your original payment processor based purchase date, in case if you are not satisfied with our products and services. Before asking for a refund please allow us a chance to cater you with improved experience based on your feedback if it applies.



  • 10AdsPay will generate its revenue from advertising and sale of digital products only. This revenue will be shared with all its members in accordance to their respective ad pack purchases.



  • 10AdsPay would like to insist and encourage all its members to kindly seek professional advice from an accountant or solicitor prior to purchasing any of our services. This will help to get more clarity on our terms and conditions.



  • 10AdsPay would like to emphasize that members are solely responsible for their own decisions while purchasing any of our products. We advise you to carefully and thoroughly read all our terms and conditions and also take advice from professionals.


Please be advised that there are no guarantees on the earnings as many factors come into effect to determine the actual earnings of the members, as such NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE.

  • Keeping in mind the interest of the customer the company will always thrive to be in contact on regular basis with the members by recurrently informing the updates and continuous running of the website. However, there are certain terms conditions of the company which has to be abided by the members. These are as follows.

  • The advertisers are free to place the ad on the company website, however the company will not take any liability for the ad placed, and damage losses. In addition, the company will not take any responsible for any breach of contract or loses that might arise from clicking and acting on any of the offers displayed on the company site or anywhere else.

  • The advertisers are responsible to conduct their own research before taking any services offered by the company.

  • In the interest of the company and the security, the company has the right to change the commission’s rates terms and conditions at any given point with discretion.

  • The company is happy to display any type of ads as long the ads are not adultery, provocative like hate racism and drugs.

  • The company holds the right to remove any ads which are not appropriate and which does not comply the company criteria.

  • Before purchasing any ad services from the company, it is the responsible of the advertisers to ensure the banner image is correct and the link is in working order. The company cannot be held responsible for the losses that might occur due to wrong click.

  • The advertisers are responsible for their own working website and company cannot be held responsible for any website downtime or typographical errors that can lead the visitors to the wrong location.

  • Though the company cannot guarantee the results of the campaign as the results vary from visitor’s personal needs and depends on whether those needs are met. However, the company can ensure the advertisers will be able to receive all the visitors you have paid for.

  • Violation to any of the above terms and condition can lead to permanent termination and will not able to access the company website or use any services offered by the company.

  • In addition any abusive comments or false comments towards the company or towards the company staff can lead not only to permanent termination of the account but also will lose all the benefits with the company.

  • Any enquires should be in written order and submitted online through supported website link.

  • Ad pack earning (revenue share/rewards) is solely dependent on sales takes place on our site which means NO SALES, NO REWARDS, and your Ad-Packs will not earn revenue sharing rewards.

  • In order to safeguards the data protection and maintain the member’s confidentiality the company will try its best to use the appropriate standard procedures and use of internet security such as firewall, encryption, token authentication application proxies monitoring technology and adaptive analysis of the website to track the abuse of the company and its website.

  • Though the company will try its level best to ensure the security but cannot take full liability as the company might likely be prone to internet crime.

  • On the decease of the account holder all the accounts of the decease person will be verified by the company as per the agreement made by the account holder and the company.

  • Points mentioned under FAQ sections constructs binding terms and those are directly part of our terms and conditions and are equally binding terms and conditions

  • Please note we have introduced major changes to our business model by the introduction of '4D Business' Framework starting from 18th April 2017. Details can be read here

  • Lastly if you do not wish to abide by the terms and condition of the company then it’s a humble request from the company not to proceed further.

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